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HR Services

We believe HR is a partner that limits risks, positively impacts your bottom line, and alleviates the stress associated with managing people. We recognize that it takes an artful approach to obtain buy-in from you and your team. We are ready to provide a creative approach that fits your business and its unique HR needs.

We also work with passionate professionals to inspire them to stay connected. We believe that work should be meaningful and organizations should engage you as their employee. You have a unique combination of knowledge, skills, and abilities to offer the world and you deserve the opportunity to excel professionally.  It would be our privilege to guide you to realize your professional aspirations.

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HRart Services

HRart encompasses the internal arts that unlock individual potential. We have underestimated the damaging effects that the work environment can have on our ability to remain true to who we are and stay on the path to who we are meant to be.

After years of searching for the magical answer for the disengagement epidemic happening in workplaces throughout the world. We have come to the conclusion that the answer is simple, it is paying attention to the people in the businesses. It is recognizing each individual and what they have to contribute to our organizations and beyond. Our HRart services were designed to do just that, each one is specifically tailored to you, with the intent of unlocking your greatest potential.

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It’s not your everyday HR team, but Leadership Arts Associates is redefining what it takes to foster new energy in the workplace.

Samm Smeltzer and MaryRose Ritter worked in traditional human resource jobs in York and kept finding the same issue: a gray approach to the job with employees who get upset when the HR rep comes around. 

Samm felt stuck, but one day her husband suggested, “Think about what it would be like to do it on your own.” She leapt with the advice and started Leadership Arts Associates in 2014.

She created the business to fill a gap in the city, to break the status quo and show other businesses there’s another way of doing human resources.

“I just kept having this feeling like there was something more,” Samm says. “It’s amazing the skills and talents we have locally, but there’s also this untapped potential.”

Leadership Arts Associates takes a more colorful route to helping businesses. It’s more than the boldly colored North George Street office. 

MaryRose is the more traditional of the pair, but there’s nothing cookie-cutter about her work. Each plan is tailored to the individual. She enjoys doing the little things – like attending company functions, even though she’s not required – to achieve success. 

“It’s not you and I, it’s we,” MaryRose says. “I want to become an arm of their employees and become part of their group and culture. I’m not just showing up when things are bad.” 

Samm takes a holistic and modern approach to her work, specializing in leadership development through workshops and coaching. Sometimes, she says, it’s simply guiding leaders to best attack stress with everything from yoga and reiki – a Japanese healing technique – that they do in-house.  

“Even 15 minutes of allowing someone to just chill out and take stock of what’s happening is helpful,” Samm says. “We want to help people reach their potential.”

Article Written By: Anthony Machcinski, Our York Media

Our Purpose

We artfully invest in people development strategies that empower businesses and individuals to engage in manifesting change all while creating resilient businesses in our community.

Our Family

MaryRose Ritter

COO and Director, HR Services.

MaryRose Ritter, PHR, SHRM-CP has over 10 years of experience as an HR Business Partner. She is skilled at effecting change in an organization that positively engages employees and boosts morale.  MaryRose has effectively facilitated team building sessions at numerous staff meetings. In MaryRose’s various roles she has conducted employee investigations and recommended resolutions to ensure compliance with policies and federal and state laws.


Samm Smeltzer

CEO and Director, HRart Services.

Samm has playfully been referred to as the “Unicorn”, this comes from her eternal optimism for the possibilities of what the workplace could be. For the last decade, Samm has passionately pursued a journey to discover the missing elements for employee engagement within organizations. This path has primarily led her to studies in Spirituality and Eastern Medicine, discovering how much of a role having a professional purpose and passion is essential to employees.


Nancy Nicholas

Creative Collaborator, HR Services.

Nancy shares over 26 years of experience in the Customer Service and the Education fields.She has gained her knowledge and experience within three different industries in South Central Pennsylvania. An advocate for exceptional service and lifelong learning, Nancy is always looking to help enhance the knowledge and skills of others. Her enthusiasm makes her facilitation energized and she has been recognized by many participants as being an outstanding trainer. (more…)

Sheila Weir

Creative Partner, The Elephant Motif, LLC.

Sheila has committed her energy to working with individuals to create their ideal lives while juggling their daily responsibilities and values. Having once been living a life that did not serve her which resulted in an unhappy and discontented life, Sheila understands the pulls that we wrestle with between our professional lives and our personal lives. This knowledge allows her to be fully invested in her clients’ desires while truly hearing the spoken and unspoken words. (more…)

Tony Hernandez

Creative Partner, Reflective Wisdom.

As a facilitator and educator for the last 25 years, Tony has created and developed restorative practices that hold groups to a standard where every person feels a sense of purpose, engagement and belonging. He continues to use these practices with school leaders, educators and diversity practitioners to have mindful conversations in which they can claim their distinct stories and embrace the value they bring to community.