New Opportunities

Last August, I was riding high, enjoying life and my new career. But it brought new problems and new challenges to our family. I worked evening shift for 10 years while my partner usually worked day shift. We had our routines down. In the mornings, I was in-charge of taking care of our daughter, getting myself ready and keeping on track with appointments and errands. The evenings went to my partner and consisted of making dinner and getting ready for bed. When I quit my job to change my career, all those mundane routines changed.

One evening, after a fun-filled wedding weekend, I noticed the sense of guilt I felt to tell my partner I was going to bed early, again. He didn’t seem to have much of a problem with it, but I did. I liked ending the day together and I was ruining it once again. Then I realized the reason why I was going to bed early. I was preparing for a new client. I had done some new research on techniques I wanted to try with my coaching clients. Having a new one the next day gave me an opportunity to try something I hadn’t able to do before. I also wanted to be well-rested with a clear mind. I needed my beauty sleep.

In my previous career, I had little to no “new” opportunities. For the first time in my career, I had new, exciting, sometimes scary, opportunities every week! It’s a true blessing in disguise. So, even though the mundane-life-routines had to be flipped, I came to realize the blessing behind the changes. I feel so grateful for the opportunities I have, the guidance and support I’ve received, and for the job I have!

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New Opportunities

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