Thinking of Returning to School?

I can’t believe I’m done. I can’t believe it’s over. It’s finished. I did it!

It took me 29 months to finish my Bachelor’s degree. It was brutal.

Thank God I had one honest friend who gave me real insight as to how the heck I was going to make this going-back-to-school-thing work. He had recently completed his MBA and also had a family of his own. To put it into perspective, he told me that I’d have to give up my weekends. No more making plans with family and friends.

During my time in school, It felt like I became a shitty friend. [A shitty wife and mother too.] But I did it. I have not had a real vacation since sometime in 2014. I went from one course to the next for those 29 months, with an occasional 1-week break here and there. (But never when I was actually on a vacation, pfff).

What hit me unexpectedly when I submitted that final exam last Saturday was seeing an end of busy days. I would now have all this time available to me. It’s intimidating. I have been saying “no” to life for the last two years. Now I would be able to say, “YES”! But will I?
That’s to be determined….

To my family and friends who are “adult learners” or “non-traditional” students: There is an end as long as you keep going. And damn it, keep going! Hopefully, you have a supportive network around you to lean on. Do it, or you won’t make it. The long nights and short weekends are for a short time out of your entire life (and your kid’s life). You aren’t missing everything and you will make new memories. Your kids won’t hate you for being unavailable while you make a better life for yourself and for them. Don’t give in to feeling guilty or it will crush you.

To those who are considering returning to school: (Don’t do it! Just kidding 🙂 My best advice is to be sure of your decision. If you have a calling to do something more, do it. If you are simply bored and want to get another degree or certificate, it won’t be worth the sacrifices you will have to make. And yes, you will have to make an absurd amount of sacrifices (big and small). Kiss your weekends goodbye!

You deserve to have a life and a career that you love. Work hard for it and you will make it happen. Are you ready to make a change? Do you need help finding clarity about what your next move is? I’m here to help. Call or e-mail me at 717.430.2850 or

Gina is a Creative Collaborator who coaches clients to help them find clarity and simplify their life and their career. Visit for more information.

Thinking of Returning to School?

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