5-Minute Restorative Pause

Feeling frazzled? Need more vitality?

An afternoon pause can be done as needed throughout the day for a quick pick-me-up. Fatigue makes it difficult to feel inspired and productive. If you’re having an afternoon slump, I’ve got your solution.

Taking care of yourself should always be a top priority because if you are not well mentally, spiritually, and physically, you cannot be of help to anyone else.

If you are having a particularly difficult moment in your day, I suggest taking a pause as soon as you are able to. Your negative energy from a work conflict or customer frustration could impact the rest of your day.

One study published in Psychological Science showed that by distancing yourself from a challenge and taking the perspective of an observer, you can enhance your reasoning, leading to insights and new solutions that hadn’t occurred to you before. – Harvard Business Review

5 Minutes to Restoration:

1. Grab a cup of hot tea or a glass of ice water
2. Find a quiet space near some artwork or plants, or better yet, find a tree outside
3. Sip your drink of choice and breathe deeply — now you are restored!

Giving yourself the space to step out of the office for a break to reset your energy could help you make better decisions when you return to the office. Allow yourself 5 minutes to pause and breathe and you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you feel the benefits!

Want to learn more about how to shift your energy? Get the details here.

Gina is an Individual Development Coach at Leadership Arts Associates. She helps clients simplify and clarify their careers and their lives.


5-Minute Restorative Pause

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