Episode 59: Vision Fest Testimonials with Kathi Fuhrman

I met Kathi Fuhrman in 2016 through a networking group. At the time, networking was so new and scary for me, but Kathi was kind and we connected instantly. Our career-change journeys are very similar and we made major life changes at nearly the same time. I’ve watched as 2017 unfolded for her and I like to think I helped her in some small way during the year. She’s become even more self-aware of her own strengths and weaknesses and tackled her challenges head-on.

Kathi is an inspiration for me. Sometimes I feel she is my opposite. She is naturally friendly and outgoing who seems like she can connect with anyone. I, on the other hand, feel I am always trying to be nice and make small-talk. It feels awkward. A surface-level connection is unnatural for me. I enjoy learning about people on deep-levels. I ask uncomfortable questions, never to make someone feel uncomfortable, but to understand how the person’s mind works. I listen as people go through their unique thought-process when discussing complex topics. I believe everyone has a unique life and our experiences shape our opinions and how we see the world.

In this week’s episode of The HRart of It, Kathi shares her story of an amazingly successful year and how she changed focus from starting one business to growing another. Her passion and drive even manifested an amazing vacation for her and her husband!

About Kathi Fuhrman

Kathi Fuhrman is the Founder of Fuhrman Creative, an online marketing agency in Abbottstown, PA whose mission is to “help small to mid-size businesses develop and maintain an online voice with innovative marketing platforms and techniques.” Kathi is also a Director with The Pampered Chef.

Connect with Kathi

website:  www.fuhrmancreative.com
fb: www.facebook.com/fuhrmancreative
in: www.linkedin.com/in/kathifuhrman

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Episode 59: Vision Fest Testimonials with Kathi Fuhrman

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