Episode 61: Vision Fest Testimonials with Katie Caples

When I think about my career and who I want to be (when I grow up) I am taken back to a specific time-period during my childhood. I was living in Boca Raton, FL with my mom, her best friend, Karen, and her two daughters, Gina and Nicole. Gina and I (yes, also Gina) were best friends, just like our moms, and with Nicole, we all shared the master bedroom. It had a large walk-in closet and master bathroom. It was our castle. We survived Hurrican Andrew in that castle. We would run bed-to-bed-to-bed and see who could stand the longest hovering between two beds. Once, resulting in an emergency room visit and stitches in the foot.

We lived in a gated community, very common in South Florida, near our elementary school. We were able to ride our bikes all through the large community and were even allowed to ride to school. The community was a childhood dream. The homes surrounded a large lake, which catered to ducks, turtles, fish and probably a gator or two but we never saw one. With paths around the lake and through the woods, we explored every inch of that community. We made friends from all the cul-du-sacs and we would all gather at 10:00 am on the weekends and be gone until dark.

These childhood memories came back to me when talking with Katie Caples about her vision board. Near the end of this week’s episode, Katie opens up about how her childhood showed up on her Vision Board, unexpectedly. Katie discusses her ‘Ah-ha’ moment when she relates a childhood memory to events of 2017 and her plans for the future. You will be drawn to her story of family and farm life, just as I was, in this week’s episode.

Connect with Katie Caples

Meet Katie, Director of Member Relations at the York County Economic Alliance on LinkedIn at: www.linkedin.com/in/katie-caples-73892825

Also, visit the YCEA website at www.ycea-pa.org.

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Episode 61: Vision Fest Testimonials with Katie Caples

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