Episode 62: Vision Fest Testimonials with Meredith Stone

In this episode of The HRart of It, Gina talks with Meredith Stone, HR Professional here in York, PA, about her vision board and discusses her transformation story.

Meredith’s board reminds me of a woman finding her strength and embracing her unique beauty. In 2017, Meredith went through a few transitions in her career. It’s a time many of us can relate to. Taking a leap of faith only to fall flat on our face. Or finding that dream job, only to discover it’s just like all the other places.

It has been my experience that taking the leap of faith (quitting a crappy job for something else) always leads to some kind of growth. Here in Pennsylvania, I like to use this metaphor, it’s like jumping off a high cliff into a quarry. It’s scary and it’s exciting, and when you hit the water, you are going to come up for air and you are going to keep swimming.

I’ve gotten pretty good at deciphering if a client or a friend should take that leap of faith. And, even though I’ve had a positive experience, I don’t advise everyone that it’s right for them.

Listen as Meredith tells her vision board story and what actually manifested for her. It will give you hope that you too can take that leap and come up still swimming.


Connect with Meredith Stone

Connect with Meredith on LinkedIn at: www.linkedin.com/in/meredith-stone-phr-1753909

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Episode 62: Vision Fest Testimonials with Meredith Stone

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