Episode 63: Vision Fest Testimonials with Becky Stauffer

Before the taping of this podcast, Becky and I hadn’t actually had a conversation with each other. I quickly found out that once we did, her and I both felt like this was something long over-due.

Becky is in a position I kind of hope to be in one day. She’s had a long career in Human Resources and when the time was right, she made the transition to the next phase of her career. While I don’t have a desire to be a small business owner, I would like to have a long career that leads into the next step. [My career started in clinical healthcare and from there I took a hard left into HR.]

Becky Stauffer, MPA, SPHR, SCP, is the President and CEO at Work4Accord, an organization that uses transformative mediation and restorative justice to resolve workplace conflict. The goal is to rebuild rapport and restore trust among the entire team.

Becky and I discussed how a conflict between just two people will permeate through an entire team or whole department making it difficult to contain. That’s why I think the work Becky is doing is so important.

Connect with Becky Stauffer

Connect with Becky on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/becky-c-stauffer-mpa-sphr-scp-6156712/

Learn more about Work4Accord and the work she is doing at: www.Work4Accord.com
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Episode 63: Vision Fest Testimonials with Becky Stauffer

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