One Last Look Back
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One Last Look Back

This Friday is Vision Fest 2020. I always find the final countdown to the event, a time for a final reflection on the year before. Last year at Vision Fest 2019, I had the privilege of not only creating two Vision Boards but the opportunity to create with my entire family. For the final create session, my husband and my two daughters attended making their own boards. The girls who were then, 4 and 7, made what we called Happy Boards. The family is coming again this Friday to the final create session to make their boards and I couldn’t be more thrilled about this new family tradition. 

At Vision Fest, we create boards that are based on the concept of Vision Boards. However, I like to call our manifestations Connected Canvases. In most Vision Board processes, the individual is tasked with creating a visual representation of their deepest desires for the year. Our process begins with an inward journey (via reflective exercise) that generates inspiration provided by your intuition. We then create a visual representation of signs that you are on the right path as to what you should expect in the coming year. The Happy Boards that our young participants create bring another key component to the creation process, but I’ll unpack that with the girls’ board takeaways.

To mark the final closure to our 2019 boards, I took time personally to reflect on my board’s outcomes. I then chatted with my husband and daughters to hear their outcomes as well. Each day as we countdown to Vision Fest, I’ll be sharing one of their boards or mine as well as their final conclusions. Enjoy!


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