Sacred Weekends
Picture of a panda bear resting on a wooden platform beside a tree

Sacred Weekends

I have spent many years taking my weekends for granted. As an introvert, I found that weekends were filled with social gatherings and outings with more people than I preferred. The entire weekend process was never personally restorative, it was more so just another day of the week with more stuff I needed to do. 

In the last few months, I have been working on being more intentional. Creating time and space that is sacred. This includes my nights when I can and my weekends. There have been too many solemn reminders already this year that life is too short and tomorrow is never promised. As shared in one of my favorite books of all time, The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen, we cannot control time. Therefore we have only two options, we can make time work for us or against us. 

I choose to make time work for me by being intentional. I hope you choose to do the same.


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