May the Fourth Be With You
A Jedi holding a red light saber in a cave

May the Fourth Be With You

May 4th is a pretty awesome day. Not only is it Star Wars day! But, it’s my birthday!

So I couldn’t pass up this chance to share this with you. See one of the coolest fun facts that was revealed in my Medical Qigong Training to date was the connection between Qi and the “Force.” It is uncanny how many similarities the infamous “Force” in Star Wars parallels in the description of Qi in Chinese Philosophy. There are even rumors that Daoism may have influenced George Lucas when creating this epic storyline. 

Regardless, this entire concept brought new meaning to the inspiration quotes by my favorite Star Wars character of all time, Yoda. I even saw him referenced recently on a website as the OG Wellness Guru. Today, in honor of Star Wars Day, I’d like to share with you four Yoda quotes that resonate with me and my HRart journey.


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