The Quarantine Cleanse
Picture of a wooden bench in a misty open field

The Quarantine Cleanse

The COVID-19 Quarantine created an incredible opportunity of pause for so many of us. Me, like many of you, were required to stay at home per a government mandate and readjust our lives, in an effort to find my “new normal.” I found a gift of time to pause and essentially cleanse my life of impurities. 

Impurities? What I am referring to is physical material things and commitments that I had accumulated that were not serving my highest good. In addition, they were taking up literal and metaphorical space, leaving barely any room for what I really wanted. After so many years of accumulation, without ever intentionally taking a pause to evaluate, left me with a life right before the stay at home mandate that was exhausting. Not only that is, it was only fulfilling because of the prospective someday visions that danced through my head. 


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