About – Leadership Arts Associates

​Leadership Arts Associates has delivered coaching, training, and support to businesses and non-profits since 2014. Our unique take on treating business like an art helps clients break out their comfort zone to achieve their dreams. Our goal is to create a culture or organizational masterpiece that is beneficial for the employees and employer, so everybody achieves happiness. The best part is we have cultivated amazing relationships along the way. This business empowers us to work with amazing people and have incredible experiences.

Our Purpose: We artfully invest in people development strategies that empower businesses and individuals to engage in manifesting change all while creating resilient businesses in our community.

Meet the Creative Team

Samm Smeltzer

CEO + Creative Director, HR Development

MaryRose Ritter

COO + Creative Director, HR Advisement


Tony Hernandez

Creative Partner, Reflective Wisdom


Nancy Nicholas

Creative Collaborator, HR Development


Bobbi Billman

Creative Collaborator, HR Development


Our Mission

To authentically invest and empower our clients

so that worthiness is resilient within their lives and businesses.

Samm provides a calm in the storm in one on one coaching. She can help untangle complicated personal and professional situations. Working with Samm you have the opportunity to gain confidence as you learn new skills.

Kimberly Preske

Coaching Client

Benefits of Working With Us

Focus on what matters.

Gain an experienced opinion.

Time to do what you need.

Access skills your current team doesn't have.

They are unbiased.

Improve your performance.

MaryRose's services have been much needed for Healthy Hemp. We've been quickly growing over the last few months and needed to hire over 20 employees during this time. MaryRose has been with us every step of the way and has helped us land some pretty solid candidates. I appreciate her professionalism and her ability to follow up on all interviews she passed on for our consideration. I could not recommend her services more to any small or medium size business that doesn't have the need for a full-time HR person!

Amanda Witters


Numbers to Noodle

of companies

In a survey, companies that consider themselves as creative or embracing creativity reported winning award and national recognition for being a "best place to work."

decreased income

A study showed, that not addressing low engagement can result in a decreased organizational operative income.

turnover rate

A Colombia University Study, showed the primary difference between this turnover rate and one that is 48.8% was company culture.

more productive

According to the Department of Economics at the University of Warwick, happy employees are more productive.

are "not engaged"

Worldwide these employees are lacking motivation and less likely to invest discretionary effort in organizational goals or outcomes. 

are "actively disengaged"

These employees are unhappy and unproductive at work & liable to spread negativity to coworkers.