Sheila Weir

Sheila Weir, Creative Partner, The Elephant Motif, LLC.

Sheila Weir

Creative Partner, The Elephant Motif, LLC.

Sheila has committed her energy to working with individuals to create their ideal lives while juggling their daily responsibilities and values. Having once been living a life that did not serve her which resulted in an unhappy and discontented life, Sheila understands the pulls that we wrestle with between our professional lives and our personal lives. This knowledge allows her to be fully invested in her clients’ desires while truly hearing the spoken and unspoken words.

Through these years of training and her own personal experiences, Sheila is able to ask the questions that get her clients thinking of their truth; their inner values and their ideal lives. Working as a cohesive partnership, Sheila and her clients create attainable goals that take her clients, step by step, closer to their desired outcome. Through support, accountability and building a greater awareness of choice, Sheila is able to empower her clients to live their ideal lives.

Common goals that are achieved through the coaching relationship include:

The Elephant Motif, LLC is an empowerment company that carries a non-judgmental philosophy. We believe there are no mistakes, only experiences that are all opportunities for growth and learning. Through honoring the law of attraction, we explore core energy levels which dictate how we show up to the world and how we are seen. We better understand our core motivational values and what is truly important to each of us in our lives. We offer one to one coaching for clients who want to explore their ideal selves; better understand their internal blocks and unique topics that are influencing living their ideal lives.

For our corporate clients, we offer one to one coaching as well as the option for small group and team coaching sessions. These group sessions have been created to:

Specific programs can be created to meet the unique needs of your team.

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The Elephant Motif provides individual and team coaching, as well as custom programs.

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