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CEO + Creative Director, HR Development
“Art is the expression or application of human creative skill or imagination. When it comes to working with people - creativity is a must. Even when talking compliance or risk management, professionals use their imaginations to play out what possibly could happen. Every day we are discovering how different we all are, and leaders are then faced with the challenge of uniting these true individuals in the workplace. To do that successfully you have to be an artist. It is a creative, imaginative and expressive skill set.”
COO + Creative Director, HR Advisement
“Leadership is an art because just like artistic talent not everyone is born with the ability. However, most people can be taught to be effective at leading a team or organization with the proper direction.”
Creative Partner, Reflective Wisdom
"Everyday, I get to inspire people to claim their distinct story so they brave connecting with themselves and with others when making meaning of their place in the world."

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