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Episode 6: Healthy Relationships

The Challenge

This Challenge is all about removing blame, a discipline associated with the life path to failure, and personal accountability, a discipline associated with the life path to success. This challenge will take the negative discipline and transform it into the positive. This challenge is a toxic energy cleanse, take it and feel a true release. When we are blaming a person or a situation, there is some “thing” we can own and the objective of this challenge is to identify that “thing.”

  1. Do you have someone in your life that you would classify as a toxic person that you cannot just cut out of your life?
  2. Think about this person and their actions, attempt to answer, why does this person and their actions bother you?
  3. If it is a series of specific events that has led to this resulting toxic relationship outcome, explore each event and discover what exactly about that event truly struck a cord with you.
  4. Then take your answers and determine what does this say about you. What can you learn about yourself?
  5. Determine what these experiences say about you and own it.

Don’t forget to share your reactions below in the comments. Share what we like to call TFWNs. A Thought, Feeling, Want or Need that you had as a result of completing this challenge.

This episode is all about healthy relationships. Something that I was very determined to get out there, I wanted to do something on healthy. January usually being the fad month when we go back to the gym and start the diets. With healthy relationships, the learning outcome and inspiration for this episode was my largest takeaway from 2015. It occurred in the final days of December and was a renewing way for me to start 2016. Therefore, I felt overwhelmingly compelled to share it.

My Favorite Episode Moments

  • Defining a healthy relationship
  • Get healthy by being a communication mastermind
  • The bad habit that I needed to break as a result of not speaking up
  • How our differences should make our relationships stronger
  • Removing the extremes and meeting someone in the middle
  • Support is not about seeking or embracing opportunities to put someone down
  • Don’t assume that people know when you need support – reach out
  • People have a right to share what they want and when they want
  • We may demand transparency in organizations, but not in relationships
  • Define what you would like and would not like to happen in a relationship through healthy boundaries
  • Healthy boundaries are the solution for toxic relationships that you can’t simply cut off

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