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Episode 7: When Love Hurts

The Challenge

I am challenging you to choose you to have a more balance life and look at your relationship through a new lens.

  1. Take the time to become aware. Do I know where the relationship ends and I begin?

Even if this is the only step you do in this challenge, in it alone you will reach a whole new milestone. Most people never take the time to build an awareness about themselves and their place within relationships.

  1. Become independent rather than dependent. What would life be like without them? Is it unimaginable?

Make sure you fully understand your ability to be independent. For relationships to be successful we must limit the amount we are dependent upon each other. If you aren’t sure if you could be alone and without the other person, you need to figure it out. This does not mean creating a fantasy life without them because then you might get into manifesting some it into truth. However you need to have a healthy dose of reality, if this person ends up not being there tomorrow.

  1. Live life where love is a happy bonus. Readjust your love expectations.

We are taught through media that love should be this perfect thing. When we can live life where we are not heavily dependent on someone, that’s when we can truly appreciate and enjoy the blessing they are to our lives. Remove the unrealistic expectations and be amazed by the fact that this person has chosen to love you and be there each and every day.

This is the Love Edition of Random Ramblings. In this episode, we are talking about love, yes the romantic kind – which is perfect since this weekend is Valentine’s Day (hint, hint).  It is almost bittersweet to do this episode, because it is kind of depressing to talk about. However a very necessary topic because I have seen the need time and time again. So what does love have to do with professional development? Well, it comes into play when we start talking about balance. Love is a topic that commonly appears in my work because it is naturally a part of our lives. Whether it is dating, marriage, divorce, pregnancy, separation or the in-laws, we cannot turn off this aspect of our lives. Therefore it reveals itself in some way in our professional lives and unfortunately for some these major “Love Life” events cause people to begin to derail professionally and never reach their true potential.

My Favorite Episode Moments

  • How loves impacts our ability to have a balanced life
  • The significance of having balance in our lives
  • Major “Love Life” events that impacts us not only personally but professionally as well
  • Love as defined by JoJo in the song “When Love Hurts”
  • How many marriages are guaranteed to fail
  • Rory Vaden’s take on daily prioritization
  • The dilemma of love in our daily prioritization

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