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Episode 9: Birthing A New You

The Challenge

If one existed, we would call this the Fulfillment Challenge on the go. It is all about readjusting your mind set. This is a challenge you can complete anywhere and at any time.

  1. Get curious about being more or about anything.

This step is about refusing to settle and challenging your current thoughts, especially any thoughts that you not are not satisfied with their current status.

  1. Give yourself grace.

This new mind set will not always be easy to maintain. Accept the fact that you might be negative at times and temporarily lose sight of your goal. It’s absolutely okay.

  1. Fall in love with the child you haven’t met yet.

Okay – you could interpret this literally. However what we are referring to is falling in love with your potential. The potential you many of never realized you had. It is amazing the limits we set for ourselves and what happens when we get curious and look beyond.

In this episode, we are kicking off the season of Spring, with all of its’ infamous themes of birthing and renewal. Our random concept is actually the birthing process or pregnancy. Yes, we are going out on a limb here. However our host has been truly inspired by her two sources of inspiration named, Madelyn and Zoey. Do not worry this podcast is not going to be graphic in nature but we believe that this random concept has an awesome lesson to be shared. Take a listen to hear exactly how the journey to the miracle of life similarly parallels our individual journeys of professional development and fulfillment.

My Favorite Episode Moments

  • The lesson of Judgement during Pregnancy & Professional Development
  • The lesson of Fear during Pregnancy & Professional Development
  • The lesson of Discomfort during Pregnancy & Professional Development
  • The need to be vulnerable, aware and to trust during the process
  • The definition of a miracle

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