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Episode 11: Closets & Wallets

The Challenge

  1.  Locate the physical areas in your life that are heavy with clutter.

Yes, this could be literally heavy, but what I am really after is the feeling. What spaces make you feel heavy (hint: you typically will avoid these spaces naturally or limit your time in them).

  1.  Start there to release clutter using the Joy Method.

If an item brings you joy, keep it. If an item does not bring you joy, donate it or trash it.

  1.  Make sure your clutter accumulation is in sync with your goals.

Be mindful of what your physical spaces and material items are saying.

The inspiration for this episode is Spring Cleaning. Spring Cleaning is a necessary chore that many of us take on because we love the outcome. There is a specific feeling that comes after one Spring Cleans. This feeling is primarily attributed to the popular task of decluttering that naturally is a part of this seasonal cleaning tradition. Clutter is the most common block for people personally and professionally, it has the ability to truly limit our potential. Find out how to release clutter and lighten your life in this episode.

My Favorite Episode Moments

  • The power of clutter over me
  • What packed closets say about us
  • How your closet could be holding you back
  • The steps to declutter confidently
  • Why wallet clutter is bad
  • How to respect money
  • Why a new wallet is a necessary splurge

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