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Episode 12: Potty Time Procrastination

The Challenge

Do you suffer from Potty Time Procrastination aka PTP?

  • When was a time that you waited until the absolute last minute to start a something to be able to finish in just a nick of time?
  • Was the outcome a representation of your best self?
  • What could have been possible if you did not not wait?

If you were able to think of a moment, you then in deed suffer from PTP. Take a moment and reflect on the following:

  • How frequently do you PTP?
  • Is PTP your normal go to?
  • How could you stop this from occurring?

The inspiration for this episode is from a very common parenting challenge which is potty training. Specifically, my daughter’s constant habit of waiting until the absolute last moment to use the restroom. I think you will be surprised at how much this challenge can teach us about life. In this episode, find out about Potty Time Procrastination. Then take our Foundation Challenge to discover if you suffer from it.

My Favorite Episode Moment

  • The super adorable interview with my daughter about her Potty Time Procrastination
  • How easy it is to make excuses and procrastinate
  • You are not alone – I am guilty too.
  • The potential price you pay for procrastinating
  • How you are telling the universe, that you’re not really appreciative of the opportunities given

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