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Episode 13: Networking & Balance

The Challenge

Create a mind map of your informal network. Then write a journal entry, on the gaps you noticed in your network and ideas on how you can fill the identified gaps.

Do balance and networking have anything in common? Of course they do. Although I will admit that correlation was not obvious to me at first. In 2010, I had a professor (thanks Dr. Jackson) introduce me to this concept of a Supporting Cast aka your network. It was during an evaluation of my Supporting Cast that I realized that I had some serious gaps in my support system. In fact, most of my system was falling heavily on one person, my new husband. A burden like that cannot be healthy for any relationship for an extended amount of time. It was this awareness that made me take initiative subconsciously to begin connecting and building this network. What I found is not only amazing support but a whole new level of inner peace knowing that people will be there when I need them.

I am also, super excited to introduce to you the 2nd Grateful Showcase, this month every Monday at noon I will be sharing with you an amazing individual. These lovely ladies have pushed me throughout this year and gave me the strength to grow in ways that were absolutely necessary. I cannot wait to share them each with you as a source of inspiration and hopefully motivate you to evaluate your own support system.

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