Episode 14: The Grateful Showcase (Bobbi Billman) – Leadership Arts Associates

Episode 14: The Grateful Showcase (Bobbi Billman)

The Challenge

Do you have a morning ritual? If so, share it. Use the TFWN form below, we would love to hear about them and maybe even be able to share your best practices with our listeners. If no, start one. Focus on starting with an initial practice, that requires no more than 5 minutes of commitment daily. Then decide to build your morning ritual at a pace that make sense for your personal and professional development.

If there is anything that is certain, it is that change is around the corner. No matter how big or how small, how smooth or how challenging, how welcomed or how scary – change comes. It is in these times of transitions that the opportunities to grow present themselves. Despite this potential, in the moment of transition it is frequently difficult to see these opportunities much less embrace them.

Bobbi Billman helps people navigate those difficult transitions in life to become an even better version of yourself. I know this personally, because she has served as my coach helping me with the transitions in my business and my life as I pursue my purpose with passion. I am extremely honored to have her be my first guest in The 2016 Grateful Showcase, because I am so grateful in how instrumental she has been to the success of Leadership Arts.

In this interview, hear Bobbi share the difficult transitions in her life that helped her become who she is today and best practices on how you too can reap the benefits of revisiting these difficult moments. Be inspired to find the strength to move forward on your path of purpose using the lessons of change.

About Bobbi Billman

Bobbi Billman is the founder of Small Steps, Big Successes and describes herself as:

  • an embracer of life…life is a beautiful thing and every day is a brand new gift
  • a yoga enthusiast (and future yoga teacher)…such a beautiful, yet ancient practice with many lessons for us
  • a student of meditation…calming my mind and looking inward has been so powerful and impactful in my life
  • a lover of books…reading is one of my most favorite things to do
  • a self-proclaimed art, history, music, food, and wine aficionado…so much to enjoy, so little time
  • a life-long learner…education is a passion of mine and I truly love to learn new things
  • a former high school teacher turned Human Resources Director…helping others is my passion
  • a world traveler…I have visited numerous places around the world so far and I look forward to seeing many more
  • a writer…my favorite creative outlet

Connect with Bobbi:
Online. http://www.smallstepsbigsuccesses.com/
On Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/smallstepsbigsuccesses/
On Twitter. https://twitter.com/smallstepsbig
On Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/smallstepsbig/

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