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Episode 16: The Grateful Showcase (MaryRose Ritter)

The Challenge

Your challenge for this week, is to get real and identify, what is most important to you in this moment? Reflect on your week and recognize what you really are consistently prioritizing higher.

If I were to ask you, what is most important to you at this moment? Would you be able to answer? Would your answer be truthful? Could you identify what is so important to you, that you would be willing to sacrifice everything else for it?  For me, this is a difficult challenge because I value so many things in my life. I have such hefty goals for myself that at times I feel like each one is respectively fighting to make it’s way on top of my priority list. With them all competing on a constant basis, if I didn’t take a moment to get clear on what’s most important, I could find myself in almost a constant state of chaos where none actually flourish.

Over the year, my top priority has shifted, in fact it continually shifts on a regular basis – monthly, weekly and yes, even sometimes daily. However, there seems to be a common place that I often default to. For me, at this moment in my life, it is my family. So much so, that for the first time ever, my vision board for 2016 was all centered around being present with my family. It highlighted some of my favorite moments, like a picture of a child drinking juice in the kitchen and a couple embracing in joy. Last January 2016, I got ridiculously clear with myself. This clarity aided in guiding my decisions over the year and has resulted in no regrets. Simply put, when placed in a scenario where I must decide between some variable and my family – family wins!

In the Spring, I had finally secured a meeting with a prospective client, that was months in the making. The day of the meeting, my youngest woke with the stomach bug, I instantly began to clear my schedule to spend my day with the one who needed me most. This included, canceling with this client, the client was understanding but a reschedule never happened. In fact, later I discovered he had met with a competitor and is to this day utilizing their services. No regrets. I wouldn’t change a thing about how I prioritized that day and that is because I knew in that moment, what was most important.

Despite, how simple these questions sound, coming to the answer is not so simple. We are faced with societal and cultural norms, that perhaps dictate family should always be first or it’s naive to drop everything in the name of love. Forgetting whatever anticipated judgments you believe you may receive is critical to being real with yourself and without this raw, authentic level of real – you will be unable to function daily being 100% confident in your decisions. It is this level of real that makes it okay to go to the gym at night rather than have dinner at home with your family. It is this level of real that makes it okay to go home rather than go to that networking function to meet new prospective clients. It is this level of real that allows you to say no, in your world that always expects yes.

MaryRose Ritter was one of the first people, that I ever came into contact with that was crystal clear on her priorities. It just so happens that on the top of her list is family as well, but what I truly admired is how she puts it out there proudly for the world to see. I worked with MaryRose at two previous employers, both of which were just as crystal clear on her priorities as she is. I watched conversations happen behind closed doors where organizational leaders not only recognized what she valued most but also used it as a considerations when making decisions. Now – do not misunderstand me and think she experienced favoritism because that would be the farthest from the truth, however if anything her clarity and communication of it instilled a value of balance within those departments. A value that then each of us in those departments reaped the benefit of.

MaryRose to me is the role model for balance, in regards to finding it and sustaining it. That is why I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share her with you…

About MaryRose

MaryRose Ritter has 8 years of experience as an HR Business Partner. She is skilled at effecting change in an organization that positively engages employees and boosts morale. In MaryRose’s various roles she has conducted employee investigations and recommended resolutions to ensure compliance with policies and federal and state laws. MaryRose has acted as a recruiter and while employed for a major trucking company she filled over 20 openings between two buildings in her first 90-days employed reducing the turnover rate to less than 15%. In 2016, MaryRose was awarded the Quarterly Leader Award while working for the trucking company for her excellent HR service. MaryRose has helped create and implement policies while working at a major U.S. Retailer. She has experience with succession planning using 9-block and talent review processes. MaryRose resides in York, Pennsylvania with her husband, Chad and son, Jackson.

Education & Certifications: 

  • B.S., Criminal Justice with a Minor in Accounting, Lycoming College
  • PHR, HR Certification Institute
  • SHRM-CP, Society of Human Resource Management

Professional Affiliations:

  • Member, York Society of Human Resource Management
  • National Member, Society of Human Resource Management
  • Member, York County Economic Alliance

Connect with MaryRose: 
Email. maryrose@leadershipisart.com | Phone. (717) 430-2850 LinkedIn. https://www.linkedin.com/in/maryrose-higginbotham-339ab22

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