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Episode 20: Healing Living Beyond My Means (Part Two)

The Challenge

  • Using your list, answer why do these objects and people matter to you.
  • Aim for going beyond the surface level, but acknowledging that you do have a surface level reason.
  • Then go beyond your current list, continue this two part exercise in other environments. Remember this is a tool to shift your perspective which will require much more than your initial list.

Last week, I shared with you how my addiction to excessive consumption was actually a symptom of a fear driven life. I then challenged you to tackle a process to begin shifting your perspective. You should now have created a list of what and who is surrounding you. The easiest way to complete this task was to focus on your direct surroundings at any given time, but to really challenge yourself I encourage to to continue with the exercise when you are in other environments. I even challenge you to attempt to do this on a bigger scale. Asking yourself, what is beyond your direct view? What objects and people matter to you that are not in your immediate surrounding right now. This week’s exercise includes two parts to begin answering the question of, why do these objects and people really matter? To do this, you need to be able to:

  • Recognize that you solely make these objects and people matter; and
  • Recognize that you don’t really understand why they matter.

Donuts, are a perfect example, they are pretty much an essential piece of my excessive consumption addiction. So much so, that when a donut shop opens within a 50 mile radius of York County, I get text messages and Facebook tags from several friends, because it is that obvious. Now in reality, the only reason that donuts matter to me is because of me. See I associate donuts with a favorite childhood memory. Every Sunday, my family would go to the local donut shop, Winchell’s on Lake Avenue in Pasadena, California. It’s still there, I know, because on my most recent trip I drove by on my trip down memory lane. I can remember the way the shop smelled and the way the warm fresh donuts tasted. It was such a tradition that the shop always had fresh glazed donuts waiting in the back for our arrival. The first four donuts of the dozen to go into the box were always glazed. I remember stuffing my face usually with two and occasionally three. More importantly, I remember being happy and enjoying spending time with my family. I’ll take a guess, that when you look at a donut, you don’t see everything that I see. That’s exactly why a donut may mean nothing to you, but the world to me. But just because I can articulate a memory, doesn’t mean I fully understand why a donut is so significant to me. I don’t really understand why that specific set of memories is so meaningful to me. I personally have been exploring the donut story for some time and still am only scratching the surface to a level of vulnerability that I’m not sure I’m ready to go yet. This exercise is primarily about awareness. Know that the only reason anything or anyone matters is because of you. Challenge yourself to begin to find out what you have associated with these people and objects that has turned them into significant pieces of your life. Once you do that, the next step is just as easy as it is difficult; to know that you’ve taken a step forward but there is still so much to uncover. Let your eyes be open to the world around you in a new way and decide to be completely open to what this exercise may bring.

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