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Episode 21: Healing Living Beyond My Means (Conclusion)

The Challenge

  • Take some time to reflect on the recent season of life, what moments truly brought you joy? What moments truly mattered to you and resonated with you so strongly and on a deeper level?
  • Identify these moments, not generically, but take the time to describe them in as much detail as possible. Play them back in your mind and recognize what made these moments so impactful.
  • Then use these moments to begin to recognize that the core of what matters cannot be found by external distractions but solely by what is driven from within.

Embrace the silence. These are the words of wisdom I often share with new trainers or speakers. I tell them, silence is not a bad thing, don’t be afraid to pause, despite it’s discomfort. Silence is uncomfortable for whatever reason in that moment, time seems to stop and what is supposed to be quiet seems to be so loud. It is in the silence that we come face to face with our fears and in that moment we have a choice of fight or flight.

For a year now as I have been recording this podcast, I follow a similar format. I hit the record button talk and unless something extremely distracting occurs, I don’t stop. When it comes to editing, my strategy is minimal because I want the audio to resemble as close as possible to you having a conversation with me. Almost as though we simply met up for coffee or tea and I’m sharing some random thoughts with you. For the most part, I rarely listen to the entire episode except to check the sound quality. However with this episode it was different. Despite it being recorded a week ago, I am just now able to write the blurb. I also listened intently to this episode four times, being extremely judgmental as to if it would provide any true value. And more importantly if it was good enough to conclude this series that has resonated with so many people.

Regardless of the strategies that I have shared in these episodes, it became very apparent to me that I am very much so still healing and the moments of silence throughout this podcast prove just that. To me, those moments were just as uncomfortable to listen to as they were when I was recording. However, I chose to press on and not edit this track and now I hope that it serves you as I conclude our series on Healing Living Beyond My Means.

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