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Episode 22: My Vision Board Outcomes

The Challenge

Take some time to reflect on and identify what area in your life needs attention. It could be because something is missing or it is currently proving to be a challenge for you? It it your wellness, relationship, home, career or do you have no idea?

Black Coffee. Juice Drinking. Downward Dog.

Just a few of the things that manifested from my 2016 Vision Board. Now before you roll your eyes, know that I don’t consider these things monumental successes or even what made my year. In fact, when these items made my 2016 Vision Board, I had no idea why the images were included except that it felt right. However what these things have proven to be is almost like insights and hints to show that I was on the right track. It is because of these items that I can enter 2017 confidently.

The image of a woman in the downward dog position, a popular yoga position, initially led me to aspirations of embracing yoga as part of my fitness goals in 2016. However, after trying yoga once, I knew for certain that it was nothing like I imagined and honestly found it unsatisfying, it just wasn’t for me. But this isn’t the end of my downward dog story, in fact this yoga pose is a daily ritual for me because of the it’s effectiveness as a stretch for my calves. In 2016, I came to the conclusion that the extreme pain I feeling in my calf muscles through exercise and regular daily function was not normal. I had always attributed the pain to my low fitness level and my excess weight, so I would push on sometimes through tears. I finally broke down and told my personal trainer and sought assistance from my primary care provider. After x-rays, tests, and experimenting with medications, the answer lied in a mineral deficiency. So I began my year in pain and I end the year with knowledge of how to care and properly stretch my calves, which includes my favorite the downward dog.

This is only one example of how if your Vision Board is done correctly and created by a vision driven by your heart that you will manifest exactly what you need in the year to come. It is when we receive what we need that we are empowered to get what we want. If you want to know how black coffee and juice drinking came into play for me into 2016, you’ll have to take a listen. Enjoy!

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