Episode 23: Vision Board Outcomes: Gina Nobile – Leadership Arts Associates

Episode 23: Vision Board Outcomes: Gina Nobile

The Challenge

Challenge yourself to find one word, an adjective that describes what you want out of 2017. What do you want to feel in 2017?

Are you brave enough to take the next step that is necessary for you to be truly happy? For some of us, we know clear as day what that next step should be. Yet we live in a state of hesitation where we basically pause our life because we are afraid. Most of the time, fear is the barrier keeping us from what we want.

In 2016, Gina Nobile got brave and stepped forward. I would like to think that she hasn’t looked back, but that’s not for me to say. I do know that just because she built up the courage to move forward, fear did not disappear. In fact, it was very present throughout her journey but her vision for herself was stronger. Gina knew what she wanted in 2016 and because of that clarity how it exactly manifested didn’t matter, the only thing that did matter was that it manifested.

Gina was gracious to sit down with me and share her Vision Board Outcomes from 2016. I feel privileged, grateful and extremely honored that myself and Leadership Arts was a part of these outcomes. I personally look forward to what 2017 will bring for Gina as she continues in her bravery conquering different fears each day.

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