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Episode 24: How to Create a Vision Board

The Challenge

Give Vision Boards a try!

This is definitely a fault or “area of opportunity” for myself but I believe that everyone views our programs, Leadership Arts programs, with a bit of skepticism. I have come to have this limiting belief from experience, the experience was my own. I was skeptic. When all of this, this concept of embracing creativity in an artistic fashion to propel your professional development momentum forward was introduced to me, I laughed inside. For this reason, there is never a program or even exercise that is presented to a client without me trying it out first. It must work on me – I must see the outcomes and value before it ever reaches the client.

Vision Boards are no exception to this rule. The use of collaging images was the first artistic method introduced to me for the purposes of corporate training & development. This is when I first saw the power of images and their ability to show exactly what our intuition is trying to share but has no words.

While in graduate school, my professor shared a story that I will never forget, she explained how she once used a collaging exercise with an executive team of leaders. At the conclusion of the exercise when all the team members were sharing their collection of images, one individual found that their collage was significantly different than the others. Their collage was the only one on the entire team without a single image of a person. Now what message this specifically sent to this individual, I will never know I wasn’t there, but I wish I was. I wouldn’t want to ask anything just be present to listen as they shared their reflection out loud.

There is a reason why people all around the world take time to create a vision board. There is a difference between saying what you want and actually being able to see it. To see it with such clarity that you can describe exactly how it feels to the last detail. This week I am happy to share with you my best practices when it comes to Vision Boards and collaging in general.

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