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Episode 26: Life After Vision Boards

The Challenge

Choose this week to find a way to either ensure your Vision Boards is front of mind, embrace affirmations and as if thinking, or find a platform to start a supportive ongoing conversation about your goals.

The day after Vision Fest, I sat down to record this podcast episode and found myself in a state of almost pure exhaustion. However, this state was also filled with a calmness and affirmation that 2017 is going to be amazing. There really was no doubt in my mind that 2017 holds the best to come yet.

As the weekend progressed my confident belief existed but being met by the normal demand of life was tested. So, how do we not let life distract us from our goals? How do we not fall into our natural self sabotaging habits that lead to a self fulfilled prophecy of manifesting nothing that we want. Where do we go from here? In this episode, I share with you three ways to make sure you keep the momentum on the path to what you have visioned for 2017. To quote one of our visioneers from last week, consider these methods your tools as you continue on your Vision Quest!

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