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Episode 27: Opposites Attract (When Samm met Josh)

The Challenge

Recognize opportunities for what they are opportunities and say yes. Know that what we are looking for or needing does not always present itself in the manner we expect.

Here’s what you won’t hear on the podcast. When I met Josh I wasn’t looking for love or any sort of relationship at all because I was broken. In high school, I met someone who I fell hard and fast for. It was a combination of hormones for sure and connecting with someone for the first time in a new place that made me feel like I belonged. The relationship ended abruptly and I decided to be stubborn and miserable. Refusing to heal the wounds and almost desiring to keep them open as a reminder to not trust or love again.

For those of you that don’t know, I was 16 when my family made the move. We moved from Pasadena, California – the home of the Rose Bowl, to the place I have come to call home today – York, Pennsylvania. And it has taken me nearly 16 years to truly accept this place as home. The journey was difficult because of my stubbornness one again to not heal the pain of change but rather use the pain to be angry. Using it constantly as an excuse and justification as to why I do not belong. This choice ultimately distanced me for over a decade from an amazing community and life. One that today I now embrace and love. The day that Josh first saw and met me, I was definitely broken. I was in no place to recognize much less seek out an opportunity. Perhaps that is why our once upon a time has such a strange undertone to it, despite my attempts to resist what was happening between us, Josh ensured that it moved forward. We see that pattern continually show up time and time again in our story. A testament that the universe sends you exactly who you need, if you can just find the courage to say yes in the moment. Josh was my catalyst for starting the heal process of my broken heart and beginning to see the incredible opportunities that had been surrounding me all along. In this episode and for all of February, Josh will be joining me on the podcast and this week we are sharing how it all began for us.

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