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Episode 28: Opposites Attract (The Little Things)

The Challenge

Make time to ask the person that means the most to you, how can I make you feel special? Then share them with us below or on social media using #thelittlethings.

Stuffed animals, flowers and cards with pop up hearts – ’tis the season. Every retailer has a grab and go display designed to make your special someone’s heart sing. Right? Perhaps. But if you’ve been together a dozen years like Josh and I, we have found that it doesn’t quite do the trick. In fact, it gets more difficult finding anything that makes their heart sing especially if you’re not paying attention and allowing the messiness of life to distract you. I literally just got off the phone with Josh in reference to Valentine’s Day gifts for the girls.

So it is February 13th and my youngest, Zoey was sick all weekend with a mild fever. My mother was nice enough to watch her for a few hours so I could come to the office and get some work done. When I dropped Zoey off at her house, we were welcomed into the kitchen by these gorgeous black and white with hot pink accented cosmetic bags stuffed with light pink heart printed tissue paper and large red cards proudly displaying Maddy and Zozo. That’s when internally I went, Oh Snap! I have been so focused on finding something to make Josh’s heart sing that I forgot to get something that will make their little hearts sing too. Life can so easily suck you in and before you know it time whisks you away and you wake up one Monday morning before Valentine’s Day saying, Oh Snap! Any who, as I was sharing with Josh this epiphany, I told him it was up to him to make these Valentine’s Day Gifts happen. He expressed being at a complete lost as to what to get them and I was like just go to the Valentine’s Day section and grab $20 worth of stuff for each of them. Make sure to get them each a card and a pink gift bag to stick it all in. So there you have it, the grab and go displays are designed perfectly to make my 5 and 2 year old’s hearts sing. But if we are talking love and marriage, it truly does come down to paying attention. See…

You don’t have time to do everything, you only have time to do what matters.  – Neen James

Beautifully said, by Ms. Neen James who is an Attention Expert – because I am sure we can all agree that in today’s age it is easy and almost natural to become distracted, to not be present in the moment and lose precious opportunities to make memories worth treasuring. Our marriage by no means is perfect, however we try. We try because what we have is something that doesn’t happen every day or even every once in a while. What we have is something that happens once maybe twice if we’re lucky in a lifetime. It takes a conscious continual effort of choosing each other every day as a priority and paying attention. Now what are you waiting for, take a listen and hear about the little things that we do for each other that show we’re paying attention.

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