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Episode 29: Opposites Attract (Time for Us)

The Challenge

Get intentional. Choose to do one thing for someone that is significant to your core.

We cannot control time. We cannot stop it, speed it up or slow it down. But we can make it work for us or against us, and the way that we do either is by the decisions we make daily.

The most valuable gift of all is a gift that you always have. You always have a choice. – Jeff Olson

The day I decided to become an entrepreneur was the day that I severely underestimated the magnitude of a decision. I took for granted the life of before filled with routines and structure, where my relationship and marriage was just an organic piece of it. My life transitioned in an unexpected way where my new found role of entrepreneur was ultimately competing for top priority with my roles of mother and wife.

And quite frankly if I wasn’t pay attention, I could of easily been swept away by the excitement and lost what is truly significant to my core. It was then that Josh and I discovered that we had to get intentional about us. Us being a priority must be intentional. We must wake up each and every single day and choose us. Choose to schedule date night. Choose to send that random I’m thinking about you text during the day.  Choose to make sure we sneak in a kiss when we hello and goodbye. Unfortunately, this lesson of intentionality is not one glamorized by romanticism. We are taught to believe that if love is true, it is strong and overcomes all obstacles. However, one lesson I have surely learned as a result of getting older is time just seems to go faster. The school days of wishing the clock would move faster for the bell to ring are over. Now are the days where 90 minutes feels barely like five when trying to make a deadline. So when time becomes the obstacle, I wouldn’t say that true love becomes weak. I would say that we are human and unless we are intentional our love can be present but forgetful or hopeful that there will always be that next minute, hour or day.

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