Episode 30: Opposites Attract (More Money More Problems) – Leadership Arts Associates

Episode 30: Opposites Attract (More Money More Problems)

The Challenge:

Flip perspectives. Attempt to see another’s side by being their side.

If there was someone that came to the altar with financial baggage it was me. Josh on the other hand not so much. The financial baggage he was carrying at the time was more so in the form of anxiety caused by yours truly. When it comes to the area of life that we are most opposite, the trophy definitely goes to the financial category. Both of us have very different stories when it comes to money, as a result of our upbringings and personalities. For that reason, it is never a surprise that money is typically the root cause for most of our marital spats. Although over the last 12 years something has begun to stir, I believe in both of us.

A stir that I could only describe as some form of balancing compromise. It’s almost as though we are slowly strolling to a place of middle ground. In fact, now in a few circumstances we even find ourselves sharing a financial perspective that is routinely characteristic of the other. Now with all that being said, money is still a source of conflict for us and we are still learning. But I have faith that our journey of love and money is not over and will get stronger in the next decade. In this fun-filled podcast, hear our relationship and the role of money come alive.

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