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Episode 31: From Disengagement to Engagement

The Challenge

Ask yourself, are you a part of the collective “we”?

It was a warm sunny morning when I first began drafting the Work Love Experience. The question I was attempting to answer was, what did I have to share with the world? After all of my life experiences, work experiences and now I was building an organization of my own for what purpose. I needed to gain clarity on exactly what I was trying to achieve. In a very broad perspective, I wanted people to know that Work Love was possible, truly loving what you do was possible. This was something I had striven and searched for my entire life. All I wanted was to find a place of employment that could make this dream come true and I would be theirs until retirement and maybe even longer. This was the dream that my father instilled in me, an employer that earned your loyalty for life. Yet when I started my professional journey, that is not what I found. I went through essentially three cycles resulting in three very similar dead ends. Where I repeatedly asked myself, why? I even started to question, if there was something wrong with me? How come I couldn’t get hired and simply be happy?

That warm sunny morning, I sat on a balcony at a resort in Jamaica. I slowly sipped a mimosa while looking out at the stunning view. As I took in my surroundings with extreme gratitude, I replayed in my mind the cycles, the endings, the resulting feelings. It was in this reflection, I began to realize the lessons that were contained in these cycles. These are the lessons I want to share with you this month. The lessons that inspired me to share this reflection experience with you, that has now become the Work Love Experience. Where finding your way back to work happiness is possible? Where finding your way out of the continual cycles is possible? Where finding the answers to your, what seems like never ending, professional frustrations is possible? In this episode, I want to share with you exactly who the Work Love Experience was created for. In the podcast I reference the collective “we”. The we who will show me I am not alone in work life journey at that others share similar aspirations and challenges as well. Thank you for listening.

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