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Episode 32: What Are Your Dreams Really?

The Challenge

Complete the Inner Child Inner Joy Meditation.

One of the stories that my mother always loves to share, is about my childhood obsession with the super hero She-Ra. I do not remember any of this, but according to her story I would run around with my plastic play sword screaming, “Princess of Power!” Then as I was busy saving the world in the living room, I would casually tuck the sword down inside of my shirt for safe keeping. My mother loves to tell this story and it clearly brings her much joy to remember the little Samm that once ran the halls pretending she could do anything. We all had a moment of this nature at some point in our life and believe me I will not judge, if that moment for you was last week. And if that really is the case, good for you! We need to get back to this state of mind where we believe anything and everything is possible especially with a little creativity. I believe that it is in these moments where our true authentic voice starts to roar. It speaks and shares in a very raw form what brings us joy.

As time goes on and our responsibilities and just expectations overall begin to increase we get distracted and begin to forget to listen to that voice. Eventually for some of us we disregard the voice so often that it soon becomes impossible to hear. The even sadder part, is that most of us don’t even realize that it’s disappeared. Maybe this isn’t true for you – but this is exactly what happened to me. For one reason or another, I either wasn’t paying attention or I blatantly chose to ignore this voice. The result, I woke up time and time again, feeling like a piece of me was missing. Professionally, I began to experience what I call disengagement cycles. Starting positions with organizations that I had so much hope for to end up back to a similar state of disengagement and professional dissatisfaction. In this episode, I share my story of the journey through these cycles. This includes going back to a specific moment in time and acknowledging it for what it is, when I stopped believing I could anything. Thank you for listening!

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