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Episode 41: Leadership is Art because of YOU

The Transcript:

Hello. You’re listening to The HRart of It, the place where we talk people and possibility. My name is Samm Smeltzer, and I am so excited to be your host, and thank you for joining me this week as we kick off the new podcast but also continue to give you the ultimate sneak peek into what is happening at Leadership Arts Associates, and if you remember on Friday, I let you in. This week we’re talking about how leadership is an art. Leadership is art, and I’m going to reveal the five reasons why all this week, every day at 8am, new reason dropping. That’s right. So exciting! You are pumped, I know it, so I’m not going to hold back anymore. Let’s just get into reason number one.

Reason number one why leadership is an art is that you need to know yourself, so talking about you and talking about artists, talking about what you want to create, if you don’t know who you are and the legacy that you want to leave behind, you can’t lead, or not at least successfully. Now sometimes, this getting to know you does not end in these picture perfect, I want to inspire and motivate the world outcomes. I’ve had a lot of clients that I’ve worked with where they think that’s where they need to get to, and we have to have a very realistic conversation about that that’s not what you want. There’s other things that you want more. You care about your people, but you’re not looking to be the ultimate influence and impact and motivator and inspiring them. You’re looking to do that in other parts of your life, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but you have to at least know that about yourself. Otherwise, you’re just kind of faking it, and this faking it till you make it does not work in leadership.

Now if you think about artists, and what I think is really cool, is artists are always trying to express themselves through their art, whether it’s a performing artist, whether it’s a painter, whether it’s a sculptor, it’s all a sense of expression, and it’s those kinds of expression that we need to do for our own personal and professional growth, whether it’s through self-reflective cycles, whether it is through self-reflection through abstract discussion, we’re doing all that to figure out who we really are. We need to express ourself to get very clear about what we want and what we need to do.
Now this thought is so strong for me, because I’ve created an entire signature program that’s had very high levels of success called The Art of Leadership Ideologies, which is basically an entire process that walks you through getting very crystal clear about why you do what you do every single day as a leader, and why you even want to be a leader, and so basically when you get clear about what your leadership ideology is, we can go back from there and basically fully understand what your attitude is every day and why it is that way and the attitude that generates, not the reactions, generates the actions, then forms your results, but that all comes from being very clear about who you really, and it is truly an art to master and go through the levels of expression that is necessary to learn enough about yourself.

That is reason number one coming at ya. We’re keeping it brief this week, because I’m blasting ya, breaking up this five reasons into five mini episodes, so tomorrow, I will be revealing reason number two as to why leadership is an art, and we’ll be continuing the countdown and getting closer to this grand reveal with what has been happening at Leadership Arts Associates and what we will be sharing with you on Friday, so until tomorrow morning, have a great day, a great Monday. Happy Monday. Don’t you just love Mondays? I know I love Mondays. All right. Thanks for listening to The HRart of It, and I will talk to you tomorrow. See ya!

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