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Episode 42: Leadership is Art because of Them

The Transcript:

Hello, hello. Thank you so much for listening to the official Leadership Arts podcast, also known as The Heart of It. The place where we talk people and possibilities. I am so happy to be here as your host, my name is Samm Smeltzer and yeah let’s get right to it.

This week we are doing a very special series in conjunction with our parent organization which is Leadership Arts Associates as they are getting ready to announce very exciting news on Friday at 10 a.m. via Facebook live, so if you haven’t please make sure you go onto Facebook and find our page, Leadership Arts Associates. You can also find it using the URL Facebook.com/leadershipisart and then don’t miss it on Friday for the live announcement. If you miss the live announcement it will still be there on the Facebook page so that you can all check it out.

As we are counting down to Friday, this Tuesday we are going through the five reasons why leadership is an art. Yesterday we talked about reason number one, which is you, you being the artist, you being the leader and the steps that you have to go through, that are necessary for you to lead successfully and really thrive in that position. So reason number two is them. One of the beautiful things about leadership is that we don’t lead widgets, we lead people. When it comes to people, what really makes them valuable which makes them the greatest asset in our organization is the fact that we’re all individuals. Individuality that we all have is exactly what causes us to bring so much value to organizations, but with that incredible value, that incredible beauty of our own individual uniqueness comes this other piece which is the fun fact that it presents a lot of challenges.

You know, as leaders one of our main goals is trying to bring people together, inspire people to work together, to achieve great things that we cannot achieve by ourselves. Yet, when we do that our differences become so loud and what are the commonalities that we try to find to sync us all together become harder to find, and it really becomes an art for us as leaders to figure out those similarities and that common ground to unite us so that our differences become those strengths that they’re meant to be, the reason why we’re all brought together in the first place, and then we can achieve greatness.

Through this art of trying to discover this common ground, it really comes through trying to have this better understanding, a clearer understanding of each other. When you’re looking at the people around you or the people that make up your organization, the people you’re leading or the people that you want to inspire and have a difference with, you’re trying to get to know them on a whole other level. Similar to the level that you had to know yourself so that you can have this kind of impact. You’re learning how every single one of them ticks, and it’s when you build those relationships, when you get to that level that you start to really master this leadership skill set at an art level. You get to take it to a whole another playing field and do some incredible, amazing things, and those things that we want to leave in our leadership legacy, they’re achieved because we take the time to make the connection.

Not just the connection to the common similarity or vision that brings us all together, but taking the time to make the connection with each individual person that makes up this group that we are leading, because it’s with each of them that we’re empowered to do great things. That is reason number two as we’re moving through one, two, three, four, five. Reason number one is you and reason number two is them. Tomorrow, we will be revealing reason number three, so you know, in the future with The Heart of It we’re going to have challenges at the end of every episode.

My challenge really this week to you is have you listen to the next one and think about how do these speak to you? Does this speak to you as the leader that you are, whether you have a formal title or if you just have a stirring inside to really have an impact in people’s lives, you know, that is what Leadership Arts Associates was created for, is for you. That’s why leadership is an art, so until tomorrow have a great Tuesday and I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.

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