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Episode 55: The Grateful Showcase (Douglas “DK” Knight)

If there is one thing that I learned about myself in college it was that I need people for things to make sense. While pursuing a business degree filled with classes on economics and operations management, I struggled to master the concepts surrounding widgets. My only saving grace was the introduction of HR Management Strategic Practices which essentially replaced widgets with people. It was this change that made all the difference, I got it when we were talking people. I also fully understood how the concepts expanded to take into account that we are dealing with people, not widgets, something that doesn’t always come so easy for operations driven individuals.

DK was that for me and the non-profit sector. When Leadership Arts first launched, I consistently get phone calls from individuals and organizations that believed we are a non-profit. In the beginning, I was uncomfortable by these phone calls because I knew practically nothing about the non-profit sector and thought it was all due to my error of choosing to embrace a .org domain. In addition, on some level, I knew I felt completely unworthy to be associated with a sector that does so much for the community after I had spent so long in the private sector doing in comparison so little.

DK changed that perspective for me, he helped a very lost Samm figure out where she fit. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone since he does fully embody his title of Chief Connector. In addition, DK has lifted me up several times over the last 2 years when I felt kicked down. He has shared some of his confidence with me when I was doubtful. Most importantly, he showed up and came through every time that I needed him to.

I think in today’s world people underestimate presence. But it all starts with that, being physically present establishes a foundation for trust, for a relationship to even form. Just showing up, sure being mentally present helps to foster the relationship, but in today’s world with so many conflicting demands it really says something when you decide to show up. DK, thanks for showing up again and again! And I cannot wait to see what else you show up for or what else you invite me to show up for!

About Douglas “DK” Knight

A #NonprofitPower consulting firm dedicated to working with nonprofits, small biz rockstars, government leaders, and education institutions who see a need for new policy, practice and attitude in our community revitalization.. and that’s there’s a better way for our communities to connect the dots to all our city’s assets/resources in that development strategy – connecting assets and resources to impact community. In roles as staff member, board member and consultant, Doug has worked with organizations of various sizes and scopes, to best maximize their abilities to provide impact in their respective communities. From “friendraising” to fundraising, strategic planning to event management and everything in-between, Doug looks to bring passion and excitement to projects and campaigns with organizations ranging from mid-size associations to small, local start up organizations. DK is believer in “The Connection Economy” and is proud to share his take on how this new economic reality shapes our organizations, leaders and events.

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Email: doug@connectthedotsmovement.org
Website: www.connectthedotsmovement.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ConnectTheDotsMovement
Twitter: www.twitter.com/WeConnectDots
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