Episode 58: The Grateful Showcase (Amanda King) – Leadership Arts Associates

Episode 58: The Grateful Showcase (Amanda King)

“Surround yourself with good people.” – The Profit, Marcus Lemonis

Marcus Lemonis speaks the truth, especially if you decide to take on the role of entrepreneur. I had an inkling that starting my own business would require work but I had no idea of the actual magnitude. There is also something a bit exciting but also unsettling knowing that you are the true sole decision maker. Plus starting out…there is no team to consult, if you want advisors or partners or collaborators, you have to go find them. I am fortunate enough that I didn’t have to search far. I was able to find an advisor, partner, collaborator and dear friend, in Amanda King.

Coincidentally, Amanda and I started our entrepreneur journey at about the same time and as a result have been able to enjoy this rollercoaster ride together. We are there to comfort and affirm each other as we chug up the chain of our next big adventure. We also can cry, scream and laugh on the way down – as we learn the lessons, only being a small business owner can bring. Many people, desperately seek and sometimes hire an accountability partner, I was fortunate to find mine so easily.

In fact, after recording this episode, I learned that she actually found me. Amanda thank you for finding me. Thank you for being there. The ride of building my business would have been a lot more bumpy and a lot less fun without you. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for both of us.

About Amanda King

Amanda King, SPHR is the Founder and President of Operam HR. She provides human resources management, compliance and recruiting strategies for her clients. Her experience with large, multinational corporations taught her the importance of balancing the needs of management and employees through open lines of communication, education and a willingness to evolve company programs to meet the changing demands of the modern workforce.

Connect with Amanda

Email: amanda@operamhr.com
Website: www.operamhr.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/OperamHR/
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/amandaking/
Twitter: www.twitter.com/operamhr

Amanda’s Book, HR Made Simple

HR Really Can Be Simple! You want your business to grow but how can you find the best talent and keep them engaged at your company? It’s the million dollar question for business owners. Most of my clients don’t have a strategy for hiring and engaging talent but they spend thousands of dollars trying to find the right answer. That’s where HR Made Simple comes in! In this book you’ll get tips on how to find and hire the best talent, simple ways to engage your team and empower them to achieve your business’s goals, and a straightforward guide on how to stay in compliance to the various federal and state laws. HR really can be simple!

Learn more: www.operamhr.com/hr-made-simple/