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Episode 60: My Vision Board Manifestations

Last year as I prepared for Vision Fest. I became inspired to create visualization exercises of my own. For weeks I was immersed in Garage Band (aka MAC music making software) enjoying every second. I forgot how much I loved recording and creating a musical masterpiece. I listened to each track used last year for Vision Fest several times, wanting to ensure that my musical vision was manifesting.

I created the audio tracks in order starting with our focused Vision Fest create sessions on Career, Home, and Relationships, leaving the ultimate create session for last. By the time I got to the fourth track my creative energy was in full force and I was less concerned with what others would think when listening and just freely created.

The Friday of Vision Fest where this track was utilized. I was beyond nervous. This audio track was something I was truly proud of and I hoped that it would be helpful, beneficial in some way to everyone in that room. That day was pretty monumental for me because the audio track was embraced and it allowed everyone to feel exactly what they needed to, to do the work that they came to do.

For me, when I was creating the audio track the image that repeatedly appeared for me was a giraffe. That was the only definite that I knew would appear on my board.

Now here is a random side note, I love animals. To me, they all have special meaning to me. I am always conducting intensive google searches to learn more and more about the possible meaning or representation that an animal might have.

A google search on giraffe produces findings of the following:

  • it is time to allow your foresight to lead the way
  • listen to your heart and allow your awareness to lead the way
  • ask for help and guidance in all matters
  • the gift of higher perception and inner awareness
  • consider the overall picture

In this episode, I dive in a little deeper on how exactly this giraffe manifested for me in 2017.  Plus I have a free gift for you. In addition, to the new episode of The HRart of It – I am also giving you the audio track that I am talking so much about from last year’s Vision Fest. You can find it below. Enjoy!

What You Need – Guided Visualization


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