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Episode 61: The Grateful Showcase (Demi Stevens)

It never fails that life delivers me with a full heart as we start the showcase every year. This past weekend marked the official kick-off of a week-long Book Launch Extravaganza. The kick-off event was a private reception with individuals that had previously taken the program that served as inspiration for my newest book. Let’s just be honest, they were my inspiration for the book. It was the privilege of being in the learning space with them and hearing their outcomes that elevated a program I designed three years ago to something beyond my wildest visions. I was incredibly moved to be able to spend time in their presence again as well as so blessed to be given the opportunity to say thank you. Gratitude is one of the greatest gifts we have in life, it empowers us to truly appreciate what is happening in every single moment and serves as a powerful reminder to never take anything for granted.

My first guest in The Grateful Showcase is responsible for making the impossible possible for so many. For me, she helped me find my voice in words. Without her, a second book would not even be feasible. In fact, a little over a year ago I was still in complete denial that I could ever write a book. Demi Stevens has a magical gift of unlocking the stories within, the stories that are so powerful that once unlocked they must be shared. She gave me a voice that I thought was long lost and she gave me the courage to use my voice and share it with the world. I now am extremely honored to be able to share her with all of you.

About Demi Stevens

Have you told yourself, “Someday I’ll write a book,” but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you have a finished draft but are afraid of getting rejection letters on the way to publishing…

Today is your “Someday.”

Who am I? The award-winning Writing Coach, Author, Editor, Publisher, and CEO of Year of the Book press, an elite artisanal publishing house that specializes in 1-on-1 amazing author experiences. My clients not only start writing the book of their dreams, but they complete and publish phenomenal books.

Award-winning books. Bestselling books. Life-altering books.

Even from people who never thought they could.

Some authors and titles include: Michelle Martin Dobbins – Personal Alchemy, Relationship Alchemy; Kim Walsh-Phillips – No BS Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing; Laura Rudacille – Invisible Woman, Attic Treasures, and Saltwater Cowboy series; Connie C. Scharon – Enchanted Lover and Highland Legends series; Sondra Lambert – In Trance; and Dr. Michelle Gordon – Life. Matters Cookbook.

Each client’s work is as unique as its writer, and I guide you through the process one baby step at a time, so you can focus on what’s most important. Your book.

I am also the founder of York Book Expo, one of the only urban book festivals that puts the work of regional and local authors center stage, and helps writers establish their brand in a crowded marketplace. You never have to wonder, “Where will I start when it’s time to launch my book?”

Connect with Demi

Email: demiflute@msn.com
Website: www.yotbpress.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/demistevensbooks/
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/demistevens
Twitter: www.twitter.com/DemiStevens19

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