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Episode 63: The Grateful Showcase (Katie Caples)

It is those who are passionate about what they do that are empowered to carry others that are still trying to figure it out. When I started Leadership Arts Associates, I was one step closer to doing what I love however I had no idea exactly what that was. I could in no way articulate it, my responses when questioned were pretty default. I do HR consulting, but for those of you that have worked with our organization, you know there is truth in those two words but there is also so much more than those two words even begin to share.

Katie entered my life when Leadership Arts was just born. She pushed me to move beyond the default responses with a motivation to truly understand what I was trying to build. The reality at that moment was I didn’t really have a clue. But her presence and thought-provoking questions began to plant the seeds for the clarity I have today.

That seems to be her track record, Katie is known for planting beautiful seeds in whoever she connects with. Those seeds empower us to be better businesses, networkers, parents, friends and the list goes on and on. She has a masterful skill of being able to push with love. No matter how much she may be challenging you, you know that at the root of it is because she wants what’s best for you.

Thank you, Katie.

About Katie Caples

Katie Caples is a dreamer, learner, and encourager. A lifelong writer with more than ten tears of experience in sales and management, Katie boldly transitioned from a career she loved with a community nonprofit organization to one of author and entrepreneur.

She published her first work, Clarity: A Journal for Reflection & Discover, in May 2018; and her second project, Courage: A Journal to Explore Your Bold, Brave Spirit in November 2018.

With both, her intent was self-reflection. After welcoming her second daughter, she was in search of an inspiring way to capture her thoughts and challenge her mind. When she couldn’t find it, she created it.

Katie lives in Stewartstown, Pennsylvania, with her husband, Robert, and their two daughters, Addison and Lauren.

Connect with Katie

Email: kacaples@gmail.com
Website: www.kcaples.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/katie.caples.3
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/katie-caples-73892825

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