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Episode 64: The Grateful Showcase (Josh Smeltzer)

When I compare the person I was when I first met Josh to who I am today. I find myself in a state of disbelief at the amount of growth and I am then immediately filled with humbling gratitude. I’m not sure who I would be today if he hadn’t entered my life and decided to stay.

This man took the time to see me for everything that I was and everything that I could be. Despite the good, bad and ugly that he has seen in me, he has loved me through it all. As little girls, we dream of Prince Charming, but in reality what we are seeking is love. A love so overwhelming and unconditional that we never doubt or even consider if we are enough. A love where you are beautiful at all hours of the day regardless of how much or little makeup and hair is done.

I thought a love like that didn’t exist that it truly was a thing of fairy tales but then he showed up.

Josh showed up and gave me the strength to show up. He encourages me to pursue my dreams and is strong for me when the world beats me down. He is my best friend, confidant and the love of my life.

Thank you babe – you’re the best!

About Josh Smeltzer

Josh formally began his career with Morgan Stanley Smith Barney in 2006 after working with The Sides Group as an Investment Analyst since 2004. Josh and the Sides Group joined RBC Wealth Management in April 2012. Josh is a partner in The Sides Group and his areas of focus include comprehensive investment and wealth planning.

Josh, an alumnus of York College of Pennsylvania with Bachelors in Science, remains active in the Alumni Association. He is involved with the American Heart Association and is on the board of directors for the York Adams division. He and his wife Samantha and daughters Madelyn and Zoey attend Living Word Community Church. In his free time, Josh enjoys spending time with his family and is an avid runner and New York Knicks fan.

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