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Episode 65: The Grateful Showcase (Nancy Nicholas)

I can’t help but laugh that Nancy and I have the same exact initial memory about the beginning of our friendship. It was shopping, at the Mall of America and we were on the hunt for shoes. Skechers to be specific. She had recently invested in a pair of BOBS and couldn’t stop saying how comfortable they were. It’s safe to say that as soon as motherhood and facilitating for a living entered my life, it became a non-negotiable, shoes must be cute and comfy. Therefore, I had to have a pair of BOBS.

Shoes were only the beginning… For the last six years, Nancy has been giving me great tips and has become an amazing friend. She is one of my go-to brainstormers and probably the queen of helping me manifest my off the wall training visions.

Nancy was pivotal in helping me gain the confidence to be the trainer, facilitator, and speaker that I am today. I am so grateful for her and so honored to have her as part of the LA team.

Thank you, Nancy!

About Nancy Nicholas

I am a Learning & Development Leader whose journey was not always a clear one. After graduating with an education degree, my path to education took a slight detour through the worlds of sales and customer service.  Both sales and customer service allow for opportunities, so customers learn through your ability to educate them on your products or services. The difference is, of course, not in a formal classroom setting.  Gaining experience and knowledge in the retail, manufacturing and healthcare industries has helped me develop into the person I am today.

As a former soccer player, soccer coach, and soccer referee, I’m a soccer enthusiast. Although my playing, coaching and refereeing days are behind me, I’m still a huge soccer fan! If the US Women’s or Men’s National Teams are playing, I’m probably watching it.

I also consider myself an amateur photographer, craftster and DIYer. I love taking pictures and for many years this included shots of my kids playing soccer. I’ve even moonlighted as an individual and team photographer.  I also love creating crafts and doing DIY projects.  I have many self-created paintings or craft projects throughout my house or office.  I enjoy making and giving away a different Christmas ornament every year.  When visiting crafts shows, you’ll definitely hear me saying, “Oh, I can make that.”

My passion is helping others. Whether you refer to it as teaching, educating, facilitating or coaching, it’s what I enjoy doing the most.  My formal education includes both children and adult education methodologies.  For most of my career, I have had the opportunity to provide a variety of educational topics to many different learners.  I love creating “out of the box” learning that focuses on engaging, energizing and challenging participants to learn through involvement, increased retention and maximize their productivity – aka DIY learning.

Learn more about Nancy. Click here. 

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