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October 31, 2019

Haunting Hints of Joy

Today while scrolling my LinkedIn feed, I saw a post shared by a fellow connection sharing four ways we can manage stress. The first point was to let go of the past and be present. A concept that is much simpler said than done. Despite the complexity of bringing this concept to life, the message it shares I wholeheartedly agree with. 

As much as I love Halloween and the entire holiday season that is upon us. It never fails to prove to be a much-needed wake-up call on my current struggle of finding balance in my life. Yesterday, as I was carefully mixing our secret recipes for the haunting HR Cocktails (the main event at the Leadership Arts five-year anniversary Halloween Bash), I found myself thinking- I’m tired. Which was the transparent honest truth, with the demands of one my busiest seasons of work, my desire for a month packed of family fall fun and my personal health being under attack by allergies and the common cold virus – I was tired. Tired as we prepared to celebrate a monumental milestone and I just wanted to go home and curl up in bed (unicorn one-sie and all).

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October 4, 2019

I Do What I Want!

When Samm started Leadership Arts Associates in 2014 we always said that one day the business would be in a place that I would come on board and start an HR consulting side of the business.  In 2016 the opportunity came for me to be able to leave the corporate world and become a partner at Leadership Arts Associates with Samm. I would be lying if I said that it was an easy decision because even though I was ridiculously excited about the opportunity it was scary.  The thought of leaving the safety of the corporate world with a guaranteed paycheck and good insurance through my employer to go into business ownership that had no guarantees for success definitely made this a decision that was not made quickly. Not being the type of personality to do something just because it is comfortable or easy, with the support of my family, I made the leap and came on board at Leadership Arts Associates.

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July 25, 2019

Construction paper, scissors, tape, and some Wine!

Growing up as a Navy Brat when my Dad would be out to sea the cruises would be anywhere from 6 months-1 year and for a young child without a good understanding of time, it was hard to conceptualize that amount of time.   When we were 3 months away from my Dad returning home my Mom always made a paper chain so that we had a visual of how long we had left. Every day we would get to remove a link from the chain and as we watched it dwindle down the excitement would grow.  The count was always however many full days were left and “a wake up”, which meant the day he was returning because we just had to wake up that day, i.e. 12 days and a wake-up. Once you got to 9 days and a wake up we were “single-digit midgets” because the number of days was no longer two numbers.  

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July 8, 2019

The One Giveaway That You Are Still A Work In Progress

This October marks the five-year anniversary of the start of my entrepreneurial adventure. I could have never imagined the magnitude of this journey when it began. See this adventure is much more than just building a business (which is huge in itself), see it was the start of some much needed inner work. Inside of me, there was some serious healing to do, years of emotional trauma piled on by the damaging distraction of constant high professional demands. This mixture left me completely disconnected and disengaged. I found myself wandering through the days questioning if I was worth anything at all. I was convinced professional aspirations, even at times, life aspirations were pointless. 

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January 1, 2019

2018 Year in Review

2018 seemed to just wiz by. Before I knew it, it was over. Yesterday I partook in an annual ritual of reflection, to pay respect to all that manifested this past year. As I journeyed back to January, I was overwhelmingly humbled by how amazing 2018 truly was.

Instagram has a #tradition of reviewing the year by sharing nine images. Curating my nine images served as the starting point to my reflective practice and despite the fact that I did manage to select nine images, I came to the realization that there were many more moments that deserved acknowledgment.

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