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January 21, 2020

A Connected Canvas Story

My husband, Josh, experienced his first Vision Fest last year. He created a board that he felt good about, he believed that his Connected Canvas told the story of what he truly hoped to manifest in 2019. His board spent half of the year displayed by his desk in our office at home and then the second half of the year it hung on the wall in front of the treadmill. 

Josh sat down with his Connected Canvas and shared with me that it truly did tell the story of 2019. He also shared that the Canvas provides hints of what is to possibly come in 2020. 

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January 20, 2020

Happy Board Highlights Happy Moments

Last year my girls showed up at Vision Fest due to a lack of childcare. Josh really wanted to experience the event. He’s such a supportive hubby but I digress. While the girls were hanging out watching tv, they eventually came out to see exactly what we were doing. After seeing all the tearing, cutting, gluing and painting they demanded that they be allowed to partake. I honestly didn’t have the heart to say no. 

Once they got situated and ready to create they asked, so what exactly are we making – what do we do? Hmmm… good question. My forte is teaching adults not children, so my go-to tactics were not going to work here. Instead, I gave them one simple prompt, find images that make you happy and together we created Happy Boards. 

As Maddy and I chatted while looking at her 2019 board, she shared with me that the board reflected several key happy moments from the last year. 

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January 19, 2020

One Last Look Back

This Friday is Vision Fest 2020. I always find the final countdown to the event, a time for a final reflection on the year before. Last year at Vision Fest 2019, I had the privilege of not only creating two Vision Boards but the opportunity to create with my entire family. For the final create session, my husband and my two daughters attended making their own boards. The girls who were then, 4 and 7, made what we called Happy Boards. The family is coming again this Friday to the final create session to make their boards and I couldn’t be more thrilled about this new family tradition. 

At Vision Fest, we create boards that are based on the concept of Vision Boards. However, I like to call our manifestations Connected Canvases. In most Vision Board processes, the individual is tasked with creating a visual representation of their deepest desires for the year. Our process begins with an inward journey (via reflective exercise) that generates inspiration provided by your intuition. We then create a visual representation of signs that you are on the right path as to what you should expect in the coming year. The Happy Boards that our young participants create bring another key component to the creation process, but I’ll unpack that with the girls’ board takeaways.

To mark the final closure to our 2019 boards, I took time personally to reflect on my board’s outcomes. I then chatted with my husband and daughters to hear their outcomes as well. Each day as we countdown to Vision Fest, I’ll be sharing one of their boards or mine as well as their final conclusions. Enjoy!

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January 1, 2020

A Decade in Review

Marie Forleo has been a member of my Mental Advisory Board since day one. Not sure what that is, no worries, that blog post is coming later this month. But I digress, this month Marie proposed a Decade Review to close out 2019 properly and be fully prepared to welcome 2020. This review facilitated a process that challenged me to determine the most significant outcomes for myself personally over the last decade. More importantly, I had to also explore why these outcomes were so significant.

I was a little overwhelmed initially at completing this task, knowing that the last ten years included my wedding day, the birth of two children, the birth of my business and some pretty huge educational and professional milestones – how would I ever narrow it down to three. But like most exercises in the personal development realm, the outcomes are never what is expected. Major life events don’t automatically transfer to the most significant and impactful for our growth. So what does make the list? Let’s take a look at mine. 

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December 29, 2019

Do You Have a Heavy Holiday Heart?

This season can be confusing, it is a time that is said to be filled with cheer with promises of being surrounded by love. The reality for some, they feel alone. They might find themselves in a state of true despair. I was moved by the gentle reminders that filled my social media feed this holiday season urging others to be aware that some may feel alone and disconnected during this joyful time.

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