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    The HRart of Leadership: Your Path and Power

October 1, 2019

The HRart of Leadership: Your Path and Power

Was leadership a role that called to YOU? Or did someone call you to IT? The answer sometimes surprises people. There are a million paths to becoming a leader, but once you’re there – it’s how you respond to purpose, passion, people, power, and possibility that make ALL the difference.

In this empowering and eye-opening session, Leadership Keynote Speaker and Author, Samm Smeltzer walks audience members through an Individual Integrity Scan which challenges them to explore those 5 P’s in relation to their practice as a leader.

Ultimately, we are all leaders, regardless of role or title. Learning the tools and strategies that help us most closely align with who we are at heart creates the kind of transformation that not only catapults our success as individuals – it causes a ripple effect that can be felt throughout an entire organization. Learn more – call Samm today.

They will learn how to…

  • Be an empowering influence for positive change
  • Make leadership the habit that takes you to the next level
  • How to create powerful, positive, forward momentum
  • Define professional imbalances that keep you out of alignment
  • Lead with heart and integrity

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