May 1, 2018

Bobbi Billman

Creative Partner, Ignite Yoga.

Bobbi is an experienced Human Resources Professional who moonlights as a personal development coach and blogger. Bobbi works with people who are in transition in an effort to help them become the best version of themselves personally and professionally. Bobbi’s simple goal is doing her personal best every day regardless of what she’s doing. Through her writing and teaching, she’s inspiring others to do the same by helping them gracefully move through their transitions one small step at a time.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Secondary Education
  • Bachelor of Arts, History
  • Master of Education, Teaching + Curriculum


  • HR (SHRM-SCP, SPHR Certified)
  • Intuitive Modalities (Reiki Level 3, Yoga Teacher)

Started Small

I have learned many powerful lessons along my journey which I now aim to share with you. I started small and have built on it slowly over time – small steps are definitely what has gotten me to my big successes.


I am a yoga teacher, a yoga studio owner, and an all-around yoga enthusiast.  Yoga is such a beautiful, yet ancient practice with so many lessons for all of us.  My personal mission is to introduce the transformative power of yoga to as many people as possible.


I am an avid student of meditation.  The ongoing practice of calming my mind and looking inward has been so powerful and impactful in my life and, like yoga, meditation is something I think everyone should incorporate into their daily lives.


I am a Reiki practitioner who marvels at the power of energy that we give and receive in our lives.

HR Director

I am a former high school teacher turned Human Resources Director.  Helping others is my passion, and so whether that’s students in a classroom, students in a yoga studio, or employees in the workplace, I am passionate about helping others reach their highest potential.


I am a writer and blogger.  Writing is my favorite creative outlet.  I am always struck by the power of words, whether on the page or on the screen.  When I finally gave myself permission to put my ideas out there, it was so freeing.  My intention for my writing, as well as for all my other work, is to provide something of value to others…something that will motivate or inspire them to take the next step on their own journey.

Goal-Setting Guru

I am a goal-setting guru.  Over the years I have come across many goal setting systems, each with aspects I liked.  So, a few years ago, I combined all the pieces from those programs that really spoke to me, and now I have a goal-setting process that has resulted in the completion of more major life goals in the past 4 years than I had achieved in all my years prior.  I continue to look for new tools, tips, and tricks to explore in an effort to find more and better ways to reach my goals. I am dedicated to sharing my goals setting success knowledge with those looking to level up their lives.


I am all about organization.  Keeping things neat and organized for efficiency and ease of use is in my DNA.  Not only do I strive to keep myself organized in ways that are most beneficial for my life, but I love helping others explore ways in which they can do the same.


I am an amateur podcaster.  Putting myself out there via podcast was a huge step for me.  It took my writing and blogging to the next level. And just as I love sharing my writing with others, I also have come to love the art of podcasting as a way of sharing ideas too!

Event Planner

I am an event and activity planner extraordinaire.  Not only does this speak to my love of organizing things, but I also find it fun and gratifying to put together events and activities for others to enjoy.


I am really good at helping others, which I happily do out of love.  And I am passionate about helping others, both professionally and/or personally, as you probably have a good sense of after reading this page.

Best Version of Yourself

My goal is to encourage you to stay strong, to look deep within yourself to discover what you really want out of life, to help you take the steps necessary to reach your goals, and to, ultimately, become the best version of yourself.  Life is a journey, and some days are better than others, but each day we are afforded the opportunity to try again.  Embrace the beauty of that opportunity and embark on the exciting journey of coming into your own.

Life is ever-changing and super exciting!  And ultimately, I try to be the best I can be at whatever I do on any given day.

I want to achieve, succeed, and thrive

personally as well as professionally,

all the while being

an inspiration to others,

helping them move through the transitions in their own lives.