October 1, 2014

Samm Smeltzer

CEO and Director, HRart Services.
Email. samm@leadershipisart.com

Samm has playfully been referred to as the “Unicorn”, this comes from her eternal optimism for the possibilities of what the workplace could be. For the last decade, Samm has passionately pursued a journey to discover the missing elements for employee engagement within organizations. This path has primarily led her to studies in Spirituality and Eastern Medicine, discovering how much of a role having a professional purpose and passion is essential to employees.

Prior to this journey, Samm began her career serving as an HR Manager within two U.S. based retail companies for several years, responsible for multiple store sites in various states. She then transitioned industries to healthcare, where she developed and implemented company-wide educational programs for leadership and staff at a large Central Pennsylvania Healthcare System. Samm has functioned as a consultant to enhance team and individual performance.

She is certified by the HR Certification Institute as a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and by the Society for Human Resource Management as an SHRM-CP. Samm’s dedicated efforts resulted in multiple awards two of them being 2013 Organizational Learning & Development Educator of the Year and Penn State’s 2015 Outstanding Graduate Student in Training and Development. She is an author of two books, From Heart to HRart (pronounced Heart as well) and Unstuck U: The Guide to Feeling Forward.

Samm’s experience combined with her desire to create workplaces with thriving employees resulted in the creation of Leadership Arts Associates, a boutique consulting firm devoted to revolutionizing HR.

This is my Why.

To connect through small intimate moments, so that the worthiness of love and joy lives. Connection serves of particular significance to me and I am always welcoming of opportunities to connect with people. I value new connections, rekindling old and strengthening those with individuals that feed my soul by making me feel worthy of love.

I am introverted by nature.

I have been identified by others as super sensitive. These characteristics have manifested in a manner that I now own as gifts. These gifts empower me to connect with others through intuition and empathy. I have the ability to have genuine faith in what the potential of an individual holds because I can see the possibilities as clear as a memory of my own. I can understand the feelings that at times become overwhelming and paralyzing because I can feel them in the moment with you like they are mine.

My work.

I find facilitating and speaking invigorating because of the privilege it is to hold the space for others as they learn. I get joy from being present with individuals as they invest in themselves and grow. I consider it a blessing that I am able to serve in a teaching capacity.

I am an author and recognize the power of storytelling. I believe in sharing my experiences, to inspire others to explore theirs. I am a podcaster, blogger and vlogger, in my posts I choose to be vulnerable to hopefully empower others to look inward for guidance. I record my thoughts, feelings, wants and needs in real-time, unfiltered.

Creating cultures.

I have been academically trained in the theories and methodologies surrounding training and development in the workplace. Prior, I spent the majority of my professional career as a Human Resource Generalist with a focus on Employee Relations. I am intrigued by legislation and as a result naturally, gravitate towards the compliance side of HR to limit risk and liability for the organizations that I serve. I encourage the use of progressive discipline and have utilized this thought process countless times when creating cultures of accountability.

I am passionate about creating Training and Development offerings for the workplace that are effective in providing a proactive solution to maximize employee retention and engagement. I believe that facilitation is an art that must be mastered by a trainer to ensure the effectiveness of any training implemented.

More than an entrepreneur.

I am a mother and a wife. Doing my best to speak the love languages and dialects of those that mean the most to me. I am blessed to be loved by them perfectly despite the imperfections that make me – me. I am a learner for life and my children sometimes are my greatest teachers. I fall and my husband is always there to pick me up and carry me if needed.

I am a lightworker, a healer and a teacher. I am here to serve.