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UNSTUCK U: The Guide to Feeling Forward

You are not alone in feeling stuck professionally. Are you seeking a way to gain momentum in your career again? Do you desire work that is more meaningful personally? Are you questioning if there is more to the everyday professional monotony that you presently experience? Unstuck U was created for you. The answer to getting unstuck is to FEEL FORWARD. This guide will lead you through your process to live the connected life of your dreams.

From Heart to HRart: Empowering You to Work, Live, and Love

Do you need a nudge to move you forward to the next great thing in your life? Do you need inspiration to move past fear and heal wounds of past hurt? Do you want to recognize the beauty in the lessons of life whether they are full of joy or difficulty? Are you ready to grow, become stronger, and more aware?

From Heart to HRart exposes five powerful lessons delivered right from Samm’s heart to yours. These innate lessons are necessary to provide the clarity and focus needed to ignite your professional passion… and keep the fire burning.